April 21, 2018

The Central Pennsylvania Region’s Porsche only swap meet is the largest of its kind. Routinely bringing in over 500 vendors, 1,000+ Porsches and several thousand visitors. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a part for your Porsche, you’ll find it here. It’s also a great place to bring the family with Hershey’s Chocolate World right next door. We were excited to be able to attend the event again this year and help support Xpel at their booth.
The booth was busy all day and we must have spoken with several hundreds of people regarding paint protection film. We had the opportunity to speak with people about their million dollar custom Porsches as well as their daily drivers. There was clearly a significant interest in the film with many who already had it installed on their cars and others who wanted it applied. Some shared stories with us about how the film had already saved them including an incident with a lawn mower which had us holding our breath. Others had questions regarding maintenance and wanted to find an authorized installer local to them.
However, one of the most common questions we heard was what is the difference between ceramic coatings and film. There seems to be a bit of misunderstanding when it comes to the differences between the two which we will clear up in this article. Although the two products serve different purposes, they compliment each other extremely well. We’ll discuss the two products in layman’s terms and keep it short and sweet.

Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film
Ultimate Plus paint protection film is a piece of urethane plastic that is composed of three layers. On the bottom you have the adhesive which adheres the film to painted surfaces, the second layer is the polyurethane plastic, and the top layer is a shiny self healing clear coat. Please see our video below for a demo of the self healing capabilities of the film.

The goal of paint protection film is to protect and preserve the paint by preventing damage due to rocks, road debris, fingernails, rings, lawn mowers, or anything that may hit or come in contact with the paint. We’ve even seen water spots and bird bombs self heal out of the film! And because the film is clear, it is nearly undetectable unless you’re within a foot or so from the surface.

Ceramic Coatings
Here at Detail Authority we use coatings from Optimum Polymer Technologies. Generally speaking, ceramic coatings serve the same purpose as car wax, except, they last much longer (years instead of weeks), are more resistant to chemicals and form a harder surface once cured. Opti-Coat Pro and Pro Plus are actually designed to be permanent and cannot be removed with chemicals such as those used by commercial car washes. They will protect your paint from environmental contaminants such as acid rain, bird droppings, bug splatter, and UV damage/ oxidation. Additionally, they will make cleaning your car extremely fast and easy by preventing dirt from sticking to the paint. Other benefits include never needing to wax your paint again and you can coat the wheels to eliminate the elbow grease needed to remove all that brake dust. However, ceramic coatings will not prevent rock chips or scratches like film can.

Time to decide- clear bra or ceramic coating…

Now that you know the fundamental differences between the two products, its time to decide which one to have applied to your car. But why pick only one when you can have the best of both worlds? The majority of our customers decide to have the film applied to the high impact areas such as the front of the car, headlights, pillars, and rocker panels, then we apply Opti-Coat to the entire vehicle including the film as it will protect the film just like the paint. We can even apply both products to the entire car for complete protection!

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