Customer Question: When you prep the car for clear bar installation, will you do a decontamination, or clay bar as well as any paint correction?

Like they say, its all in the prep. This mostly holds true for applying paint protection film as well. Minus the fact that it takes years to master the craft of applying the film. Nevertheless, the cars go through quite the preparation process before we even start applying any film. The goal is to get the paint cleaner than its ever been. We do not want any road debris, bugs, tar, waxes, oils, etc., on the paint. This is also part of the reason why we recommend having film applied as soon as possible when the vehicle is new.

We begin with a hand wash, clay bar, and paint decontamination. During the hand wash we will make sure to flush out all of the cracks and crevasses where dirt is held up. The clay bar is used to remove above surface contaminants such as bug residue, road grime, and any other debris that wasn’t washed away. The paint decontamination phase is an extension of the claying process which involves a chemical to remove iron particle fallout. If you look at any light colored car you’ll see tiny yellow spots that look like rust. As you drive tiny particles of iron are released off the brake rotors into the air and get embedded into the paint which begin rusting as they are exposed to moisture. The chemical that we use reacts with the iron to loosen it from the clear coat so the spots can be removed. Once this wash process is completed we dry the car with compressed air to again blow out the cracks and crevasses. Lastly, we wipe down the areas that are being covered with film using a paint safe wax and grease remover leaving behind a squeaky clean surface. The condition of the paint is assessed after the vehicle is cleaned and any imperfections will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Now that the car is clean we’re ready to start applying the film, right? Not so fast! We still need to open the vehicle’s templates in our design software, do some fancy editing (because we want to go the extra mile for you), and cut the kits out on our 60″ plotter. As you can see the preparation is a lengthy process which takes a considerable amount of time.