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Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

New car ceramic coating paint protection comes in various forms and dealerships often add the cost to the price of the vehicle. Therefore, with paint protection film and ceramic coatings as the highest levels of protection available, most customers are willing to pay the extra fee. For new vehicles, we do recommend the highest levels

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Protecting Your BMW Paint

Protecting your BMW paint is not rocket science but you need the best protection available. At Detail Authority we offer a full line of XPEL paint protection films. The benefits of paint protection are clear when using the right products. As a certified XPEL installer, there is a limited warranty on all XPEL installations. Drive with

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Window Tint at Detail Authority

Window tint at Detail Authority is now available. Using only the best materials, we install XPEL products across the board. A leader in the paint protection industry, XPEL perfected window tint for any vehicle on the road for daily use or recreational on weekends. Reduce harmful UV rays from the sun and reduce your skins

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Jaguar Paint Protection in Virginia

Jaguar paint protection in Virginia begins at Detail Authority. Offering the finest products to protect your investment, we wrap every corner from front bumper to rear taillights. Originally established in 1922 by William Lyons, it was named Jaguar in 1935. While known as a British luxury brand, Jaguar is owned by the Indian automobile manufacturer Tata Motors,

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Tesla Paint Protection in Virginia

Tesla paint protection in Virginia starts at Detail Authority. With harsh weather conditions, road debris and heavy work vehicles, our paint can really take a beating. Even when we’re taking the faster route, road hazards can hit our vehicles. Even when we park safely in the lot, environmental factors can still work against us. Tree

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Tesla Ceramic Coating

Tesla ceramic coating is a thin layer of protection added on top of the factory paint. It protects against environmental factors such as tree sap, bird droppings and road debris. At Detail Authority, our preferred brand of coating is Opti Coat. Opti-Coat Pro+? For Tesla models, we recommend Opti-Coat Pro+ because it combines the chemical

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Ceramic Vehicle Coating

Ceramic vehicle coating is a thin layer of protection added on top of the factory paint to protect against environmental factors. At Detail Authority, we use Opti Coat. What is Opti-Coat Pro+? Opti-Coat Pro+ combines the chemical and environmental resistance of Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating with a layer of Pro Plus to add additional protection

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Mercedes Benz Paint Protection

Mercedes Benz paint protection helps guard against scratches, swirl marks and other minor damage. Whether your Mercedes is brand new, vintage or one-of-a-kind, paint care helps keep its value. Well taken care, high end cars last for many years and often become collector’s items. For example, a Mercedes Benz racecar has sold for more than

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New Car Paint Protection

New car paint protection comes in various forms and dealerships offer a few aftermarket options. However, paint protection film and ceramic coatings are the highest levels of protection available. For new vehicles, we recommend the highest levels of protection guarding your investment from the elements. At Detail Authority, we supply the best paint protection film

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Acura Paint Protection In Virginia

Acura paint protection in Virginia starts with a phone call to receive a free consultation from Detail Authority. Wrapping various models of Acuras, we know the precise and unique curves of each model. Our paint protection experts are the best in Northern Virginia. Exclusively offering XPEL film, we install the best brand with the best

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