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Factory Clear Coat

Factory Clear Coat

Factory Clear CoatWhat Is Factory Clear Coat?

Most vehicles come with a factory clear coat that protects against UV exposure, scratches, and environmental conditions. This is an add-on to the price of a new vehicle and gives it the showroom shine. While factory clear coat protects, it’s not maintenance free. To keep up that shine, a good wax needs to be applied.

Most vehicle owners believe clear coat is maintenance free because it’s applied at the factory. Without proper maintenance, clear coat breaks down showing cloudy or white spots on the paint. Once this happens, the vehicle may need to be professionally detailed.

Why Should I Use Opti-Coat?

The major difference between factory clear coat and Opti-Coat is durability. Opti-Coat doesn’t breakdown over time. Opti-Coat is designed to last for years providing a virtually maintenance free shine. This means you won’t have to wax the vehicle. In addition, Opti-Coat is thicker than factory clear coat and considered to be permanent paint protection. Opti-Coat will protect your vehicle from rock chips, bird droppings, road debris to name a few. It also protects from minor scratches.

Another great feature with Opti-Coat is the factory warranty. Depending on the year or your vehicle, Opti-Coat warranty provides additional protection. When using an authorized Opti-Coat dealer and certified installers, you can be sure of ultimate paint protection.

The Detail Authority

As the only certified Opti-Coat installers in Northern Virginia, Detail Authority is home of the paint protection experts. We have serviced more than 10,000 vehicles for paint protection and treat every install like it’s our own vehicle. Serving Northern Virginia since 1987, we are a complete and fully operational auto detail and paint protection facility. Located at 3131 Draper Drive Suite D, Fairfax, Virginia 22031 we are centrally located. For more information about installations or to get a price quote, please call us at (703) 978-7800.

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