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Detail Authority Car Lifts

Detail Authority car lifts allow our certified installers to maneuver around each vehicle with expert precision. Inspecting vehicles before any type of work commences is a time consuming process. Now we have the ability to identify paint problems easily and quickly....

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Detail Authority Now Offers Window Tint

Detail Authority now offers window tint by XPEL. A leader in the paint protection industry, XPEL perfected window tint for any vehicle on the road today. Window tint reduces harmful UV rays from the sun thereby reducing your skins exposure. The Skin Cancer Foundation...

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Factory Clear Coat

What Is Factory Clear Coat? Most vehicles come with a factory clear coat that protects against UV exposure, scratches, and environmental conditions. This is an add-on to the price of a new vehicle and gives it the showroom shine. While factory clear coat protects,...

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Paint Protecting Virginia Vehicles

Paint protecting Virginia vehicles is what we do at Detail Authority. Recently, the Tesla seems to be a hot topic. With so many Tesla model 3’s rolling off the assembly line, we get more quote requests about this vehicle than any other. In fact, we have named...

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Virginia Paint Protection Installers

Virginia paint protection installers are protecting vehicle paint every day. At Detail Authority, we are certified XPEL, XPEL Ultimate, Opti-Coat and Opti-Coat Plus installers taking the best quality care of your vehicle. During winter, road hazards increase as debris...

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Paint Protection History

Paint Protection History Paint Protection Film (PPF) was originally created by 3M to protect helicopter blades and military transport vehicles during the Vietnam War. At inception, the thick, lightweight and inconspicuous covering was often known as “helicopter tape.”...

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Paint Protection Done Right

XPEL PAINT PROTECTION XPEL Paint Protection Film is one of the best products on the market. The thin urethane film eliminates damage and helps retain resale value. With XPEL and XPEL Ultimate, these virtually invisible films come with a fully transferable 10 year...

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Opti-Coat Warranty

Customer Question: What is the warranty for Opti-Coat Pro? The warranty terms for all of the Optimum professional coatings (Paint Guard, Opti-Coat Pro, Opti-Coat Pro Plus, Opti-Guard Fabric and Leather) can be found...

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