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Paint Protecting Virginia Vehicles

Paint Protecting Virginia Vehicles

Virginia Paint ProtectionPaint protecting Virginia vehicles is what we do at Detail Authority. Recently, the Tesla seems to be a hot topic. With so many Tesla model 3’s rolling off the assembly line, we get more quote requests about this vehicle than any other. In fact, we have named ourselves the unofficial Tesla home for paint protecting Virginia vehicles.

Wrapping A Tesla

When it comes to paint protection film, most vehicles have a template for us to work from. Since they aren’t always exact, we sometimes have to modify the template slightly to fit. The same holds true with the Tesla with a slight difference. We have wrapped so many Tesla vehicles that we have become the leading brand experts. This experience allows us to know the exact fit for each Tesla model. While the quality of work we do still takes time, we have a higher level of efficiency with the Tesla.

If you have a Tesla and are looking for paint protection film, look no further than Detail Authority. We walk you through the step by step process and deliver a vehicle meeting only our highest standards. Using XPEL, XPEL Ultimate, XPEL chrome delete and Opti-Coat brands, we are sure to meet only your highest standard.

Detail Authority

In business since 1987, the Detail Authority name is synonymous with quality. What started as a mobile detailing service has blossomed into a thriving paint protection business. With clients from private owners to high-end car dealerships, we have wrapped more than 10,000 vehicles.

Staying in business for more than 30 years in a competitive market is a testament to our dedication. We take pride in every customer consultation, car detail and paint protection installation. We only put our name on it when it’s done properly and the client is satisfied.

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Our Complete Service List

  • XPEL Ultimate Plus Installation
  • XPEL Fusions Plus Ceramic Coatings
  • XPEL Prime Window Tint
  • XPEL Prime Plus Ceramic Tint
  • Opti-Coat Pro & Pro Plus
  • Opti-Coat Wheel Coatings
  • Opti-Coat Leather/Fabric
  • Opti-Coat Paint Guard
  • Opti-Coat Gloss Coat
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Expert Paint Correction
  • Custom PPF Installations
  • And more….