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Tesla Paint Protection in Virginia

Tesla Paint Protection in Virginia

Tesla Paint Protection in Virginia

Tesla paint protection in Virginia starts at Detail Authority. With harsh weather conditions, road debris and heavy work vehicles, our paint can really take a beating. Even when we’re taking the faster route, road hazards can hit our vehicles. Even when we park safely in the lot, environmental factors can still work against us. Tree sap and bird droppings start to wear down our paint and we usually don’t even see it until it’s too late. So with paint protection film or ceramic coating, you can protect your Tesla from the harshest conditions out there.


Paint Protection Film

Tesla paint protection in Virginia starts with a free consultation from detail Authority. Known as Tesla paint protection experts, we wrap more Tesla vehicles than any other retailer in Northern Virginia. With this track record, we know every detail of every Tesla make and model.

Using XPEL film exclusively, we offer the best brand with the best protection and best factory warranty available. With the popularity of Tesla in the market, XPEL film is laser cut to fit your specific make and model. As with any product, there may be adjustments made to ensure the best fit. Our expert paint protection installers understand how to customize the film pattern for your vehicle. This attention to detail is what sets Detail Authority apart from the competition.


Ceramic Coating

Applying a ceramic coating to your Tesla offers a durable layer of protection. This clear coat of protection keeps paint looking like new. At Detail Authority, we apply Opti-Coat ceramic coat, which is one of the best products on the market. This additional layer hardens providing a solid shield for driving on the road.


Detail Authority

Located at 3131 Draper Drive in Fairfax Virginia we are open for business six days a week. For a free estimate on paint protection film or ceramic coating, call (703) 978-7000 today.

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