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UV Safety Awareness Month

UV Safety Awareness Month

UV Safety Awareness Month

UV safety awareness month is July. Window tint blocks harmful UV rays and has many additional benefits. Here’s a short list from your friends at Detail Authority.

UV Ray protection

Ultra violet rays causes skin damage and can lead to skin cancers when over exposed. Using window tint blocks the UV rays to help reduce drivers and passenger exposure to harmful elements. For people who drive extended periods of time, window tint is a great way to protect your vehicle and yourself. Using one of the best on the market, we install XPEL window tint for your protection.

Upholstery Protection

Sunlight can damage upholstery even if it has been treated with sun protection. Installing window tint helps save vehicle upholstery in the long run. In addition to protecting your skin, window tint cuts the harmful rays of the sun to help upholstery last longer.

Solar Heat Rejection

The heat build up from the sun makes it hard to cool off a vehicle. Solar heat rejection can be done by installing XPEL window film. With a manufacturer warranty, the window tint helps cool off the ones we love and saves fuel when the air conditioning doesn’t work as hard.

Shattered Glass Protection

In addition to UV protection, window tint helps in the event of a broken car window. Since the tint is connected to the glass, fewer particles will hit the ground and in some cases the tint prevents a complete break.

Privacy and Security

One of the main reasons people install window tint is for privacy and security. Thieves cannot see if so window tint reduces the likelihood of a break-in.

Detail Authority

During UV Safety Awareness Month we hope this brief article helps your decision on the value of window tint. For a free estimate on XPEL window tint your vehicle, call us at (703) 978-7800.

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