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XPEL Paint Protection Film

XPEL paint protection film

XPEL Paint Protection Film

XPEL paint protection filmXPEL paint protection film is one of the best paint protection products on the market today. Our team of trained experts is certified by XPEL for the installation of paint protection. With superior technology, the XPEL brand offers self healing properties to keep a car shine all year around.

Similarly, if you have a watercraft, XPEL can also be installed as paint protection. In addition to paint protection for vehicles and watercraft, ask us about XPEL window film. Get the best UV protection available.

XPEL Simple Cleaning Guidelines

  • Wait 48 hours after installation to wash your car.
  • Remove insect or other stains as soon as possible
  • Stubborn stains can be removed with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Take care to keep these chemicals off the vehicle’s paint.
  • Light scratches in the film will self-heal in 20-30 minutes at room temperature. In colder conditions, or to accelerate the process, pour warm water (120°F) over the affected area.
  • Avoid using a pressure washer or high-pressure water source near the edges of the film, it can cause the film to lift and/or become damaged.
  • Detailing Clay can be used to remove contaminants that are on the film.

Design Access Program (DAP)

Developed by XPEL, DAP (Design Access Program) is the world’s largest & most comprehensive pattern repository. As an XPEL Certified Installer, the 80,000+ patterns offered by the DAP provides the tools to apply film efficiently. As certified installers, the Detail Authority team works with DAP to ensure precision installation on every vehicle.

Detail Authority

In conclusion, our professional team has installed more than 10,000 kits. Working with dealerships and direct to consumers, we’ve built a strong network of satisfied customers.

For a complete review of your vehicle and the XPEL paint protection film options that are right for you, contact us today at (703) 978-7800. Appointments now available.

Our Complete Service List

  • XPEL Ultimate Plus Installation
  • XPEL Fusions Plus Ceramic Coatings
  • XPEL Prime Window Tint
  • XPEL Prime Plus Ceramic Tint
  • Opti-Coat Pro & Pro Plus
  • Opti-Coat Wheel Coatings
  • Opti-Coat Leather/Fabric
  • Opti-Coat Paint Guard
  • Opti-Coat Gloss Coat
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Expert Paint Correction
  • Custom PPF Installations
  • And more….