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Ceramic Coating

car ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating

Vehicle ceramic coating protection and paint protection film are recommended by our team of experts and every vehicle needs protection from the elements. At Detail Authority, we supply the best paint protection film and ceramic coating on the market from XPEL brands. For more than 20 years, XPEL has been recognized as the leader in paint protection. As a publicly traded company, their responsibility is to the entire community of car owners and customers. For high end new cars, we recommend ceramic coating and paint protection film.

Paint Protection Film

Protecting almost every inch of a vehicle’s exterior is possible with paint protection film. There are also a variety of options for protection based on current needs. With XPEL Ultimate Plus, you get the most advanced film on the market. This film is available in three different thicknesses covering interior and interior finishes. The full Ultimate Plus line-up is virtually invisible protecting from scuffs, scratches, chips and environmental hazards.

This film is self-healing providing constant protection and a consistent look for your vehicle. Also drive with confidence knowing vulnerable areas of your vehicle are protected.

XPEL Ceramic Coating

XPEL’s FUSION PLUS ™ bonds at the molecular level to seal and protect surfaces from environmental contaminants, harmful UV rays, and insect acids. In addition, FUSION PLUS also provides resistance to light scratches and fading. Its hydrophobic properties repel dirt and liquids, making surfaces easier to clean.

Developed to perform in a wide variety of surface types, as a result, FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and improved scratch resistance with a single application.

Detail Authority

Above all, no matter the option needed, our experts professionally install protection keeping your vehicle safe for years to come.

Our Complete Service List

  • XPEL Ultimate Plus Installation
  • XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coatings
  • XPEL Prime Window Tint
  • XPEL Prime Plus Ceramic Tint
  • XPEL Fusion Plus PPF & Paint
  • XPEL Fusion Wheel Coatings
  • XPEL Fusion Leather
  • XPEL Fusion Fabric
  • Expert Paint Correction
  • Custom PPF Installations
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • And more….