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Mercedes Benz Paint Protection

Mercedes Benz Paint Protection

Mercedes Benz Paint Protection

Mercedes Benz paint protection helps guard against scratches, swirl marks and other minor damage.

Whether your Mercedes is brand new, vintage or one-of-a-kind, paint care helps keep its value. Well taken care, high end cars last for many years and often become collector’s items. For example, a Mercedes Benz racecar has sold for more than $30 million dollars. While this was not for street use, it shows how vehicles are valued for the right investor. Looking at recent car sales, Mercedes sold more than 2 million passenger cars. This made Mercedes the biggest selling premium brand in the world.

A Mercedes needs protection against elements like rocks, sticks, sleet, rain, and the sun. If you want to guard your luxury car’s paint against everything from daily wear and tear to intense damage, clear coat or ceramic coating is available.

What is Clear Coat?

Each modern vehicle comes with a thin layer of protection called clear coat. Often applied at the factory, this thin layer can wear down over time from washing and natural elements.

The benefits of Mercedes Benz paint protection go beyond the top layers of your vehicle. The benefits of clear coat include:

  • Preventing damage from rocks, sand, and debris that could chip or damage your paint.
  • Protecting your Mercedes from harmful UV radiation.
  • Making repainting and blending easier in the future.
  • Guarding your Mercedes from bad weather and chemicals that will wear out your paint.

At Detail Authority, we apply Opti-Coat ceramic coat, which is one of the best products on the market. This additional layer hardens providing a solid shield for driving on the road.

For your Mercedes, find out more about Opti-Coat and the many benefits. Our experienced team is standing by to provide a custom quote for your vehicle.

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