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Paint Protecting Every Tesla

Paint Protecting Every Tesla

Paint Protecting Every Tesla

Paint protecting every Tesla is our goal at Detail Authority. You may have heard this before but we are the number one Tesla paint protection facility in Northern Virginia.

People have asked if Tesla paint is different than any other car paint on the market. While Tesla has unique features, the current paint job is relatively the same as most vehicles on the market. In April 2020, Elon Musk announced the the “most advanced paint shop in the world.”  Musk reported Giga Berlin, the first European Tesla factory, will have the most advanced paint shop in the world. “Giga Berlin will have world’s most advanced paint shop, with more layers of stunning colors that subtly change with curvature,” said Musk. What does this mean? Basically the color varies based on the viewing angle.

Tesla Paint Protection

Our installers use XPEL paint protection because of their complete line of products, durability and of course, the warranty. From exterior paint protection to interior protection for consoles and touch screens, XPEL is the industry leader. The complete line of products helps us in our goal of paint protecting every Tesla.

Our most installed product is XPEL paint protection film. XPEL options are scientifically tested providing maximum protection for every Tesla model on the market. Your Tesla Y, X, S and 3 is fully protected and you drive with confidence. Included with every XPEL install is a factory warranty that is fully transferrable.

With a variety of trim packages and options, Detail Authority ensures your Tesla is covered with the best seamless install. Our installers go the extra mile to deliver the cleanest, shiniest and most protected vehicle possible.

Call the Tesla paint protection experts today at (703) 978-7800 for a free estimate on your Tesla. We are Northern Virginia’s leading installer on Tesla vehicles.

Our Complete Service List

  • XPEL Ultimate Plus Installation
  • XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coatings
  • XPEL Prime Window Tint
  • XPEL Prime Plus Ceramic Tint
  • XPEL Fusion Plus PPF & Paint
  • XPEL Fusion Wheel Coatings
  • XPEL Fusion Leather
  • XPEL Fusion Fabric
  • Expert Paint Correction
  • Custom PPF Installations
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • And more….